Helmets are a cyclist’s life insurance

80% of injuries from cycling accidents could have been avoided by wearing a bicycle helmet. Kelowna E Ride carries a great selection of helmets that are  technically sophisticated, comfortable, stylish and fashionable.  We also carry helmets in child and toddler sizes.



Helmets are a cyclist’s life insurance

Children are particularly prone to falling off their bikes and need effective protection. But adults and experienced bike riders are not invulnerable either. That’s why cyclists in general should always wear a helmet, not only for sports on racing or mountain bikes, but also for everyday cycling e.g. to the office or to the supermarket.

Studies show that around 85% of all cycling accidents result in head injuries, sometimes leading to long-lasting consequences. But about 80% of these injuries could have been avoided by wearing a bicycle helmet. Today’s bicycle helmets are technically sophisticated, comfortable and, above all, stylish and fashionable. They are available for all ages and all requirements.

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