Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000


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Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra bikes are equipped with the latest version of the Ultra motor with metal reduction gears. Biktrix is the first company to bring Ultra bikes to production in the world.

What makes these bikes different from the other Juggernauts?

  • Torque sensor + PAS sensor + On-demand throttle
  • The Ultra is the most powerful ebike in the market today equipped with a torque sensor
  • 1000W (rated), 1500W (peak)


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Display Details

The high-contrast LCD display delivers all important information at a glance and can also be read in direct sunlight without difficulty. The BAFANG handlebar controller gives good feedback, is extremely robust and easy to use. The additional output can be individually controlled by five support levels. The user interface is clearly legible and intuitive to use. This display is protected against contact and ingress of water and dirt and complies with protection class IP65.


Bafang Ultra Motor System

The mid-drive motor constantly samples relevant information at a frequency of up to 80,000 Hz via a torque sensor and two speed sensors. The resulting data on crank torque, vehicle speed and the speed of rotation of the pedals is made available to the controller, ensuring precise control of your ride while achieving the highest possible efficiency. The Ultra Drive System puts the rider in complete control. In spite of a generous power output and a maximum torque of more than 160 N.m, the motor operates in virtual silence. The modular motor design and integrated controller make disassembly easier and improve service responsiveness.



  • 1000W rated, 1500W peak power
  • Torque assist + PAS (cadence assist) + Throttle
  • 1-5 programmable levels of assist
  • 55km/h (35mph) top speed
  • 160 Nm of torque
  • Custom Biktrix Inverted Fork w/ 120mm Travel
  • SRAM GX 10speed transmission
  • Tektro Dual Piston Hydraulic Brakes
  • 400 lbs load capacity
  • 40-100+ km (25-60 miles) range based on battery choice
  • Includes front & rear aluminum fenders
  • Includes rear rack
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Three batteries options
  • Three Forks options
  • Three Motor Programming options