Rayvolt Cruzer

$4,499.99 $3,999.99

Rayvolt Cruzer – Bike with style. The Pure Sine Wave (PSW) current offers unmatched ride comfort. Look what else Rayvolt has to offer.


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Rayvolt Cruzer


Rayvolt Cruzer

Rayvolt hubs are a very complex brushless 3 phase dc motor comprising of 48 different copper coils and magnets that are placed on the outermost perimeter of the motor for the best possible torque.

The built-in controller receives heat and position data from the coils and within one millisecond computes where to put the next load.

Such accuracy produces a Pure Sine Wave (PSW) current, offering unmatched ride comfort:

  • More Acceleration
  • More Response
  • More Torque
  • Less Noise
  • Less Vibration
  • Less Consumption



At the core of any electric vehicle, its performance and life expectancy are directly linked to the type of cell used. The capacity of the battery pack also depends on the amount of cells used.
Rayvolt uses13 cells in a series to reach a nominal voltage of 48V. At peak voltage, a full charge of 54.6V gives incredible power. We use a minimum of 4 cells in parallel (52 cells in total) or 8 cells in parallel (104 Cells in total).

This gives an unmatched capacity of 550Wh and 1100Wh – most of the industry uses 300 to 360Wh.Battery quality is linked to the cells used and also the way it is packed. Using a state-of-the-art battery management system in our packs, each cell is connected to it before delivering the charge. This high-tech design balances the charge between each individual cell and can cut the connection in case of a short circuit. This ensures best possible performance while making the battery safer.


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  • Battery Cover: Composite shell covered by leather
  • Chain: KMC Extralong silver chain
  • Brakes: Rayvolt Oil Disk Brakes with E-Regenerative 10A-50A
  • Crankset: Rayvolt Two pieces Crankset
  • Pedals: Flat Rayvolt pedals
  • Spokes: 13G for the back HUB Regular 26 for the front tire
  • Rims: Double wall 40 mm wide
  • Saddle: Vintage spring genuine leather
  • Speed control: PAS (Pedal Assist System) Thumb Throttle
  • Frame / Weights: M Size 24 Kg – Size 34 kg
  • Wheels:  24×3 M Size 26×3 L Size
  • Tires: 24X3.0 for 24 – 26×3.0 for 26
  • Light kit: Headlight LED+Red Backlight LED
  • E-Drive system: Rayvolt EIVA ®
  • Colors Available: green, orange, and gray


  • Rayvolt SMART HUB: 200W – 400W. (25km/h, 15,5 Mile/h)
  • Rayvolt POWER HUB: 250W – 1000W. (43 km/h, 27 Mile/h)

Battery Both life of 1000 cycles

  • SAMSUNG Li-ion Dual: 48V-21A
  • SAMSUNG Li-ion: 48V-10,5A


  • Li-Ion Smart Charger: 54V and 4 A. 2h30’ charge time