X8 Electric Scooter


X8 Electric Scooter – Reach speeds of 25 KPH with a range of approximately 30 kilometers




The X8 electric scooter is perfect for getting around town or having fun after work or school, this scooter can reach speeds of 25 KPH with a longer range of approximately 30-40 kilometers depending on rider weight, power level, and riding terrain. 

It is lightweight and foldable, so you can take it away with you on weekends or store it under your desk at work. With a removable battery that can charge in under 6 hours, you will always be ready for your next adventure. 

10″ tires gives this scooter a smooth ride even over bumpy pavement or gravel. The X8 is packed with safety features including LED front and rear lights as well as ABS electronic braking. All of this adds up to excellent value  for your hard earned money!

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