Aventon Pace 500.2 Step-Through Ebike


Pricing is for New In Box, Unbuilt

Bike Assembly, Tuning & 1 Month Service Labour Warranty is $149

Bike Assembly, Tuning & 3 Month Service Labour Warranty is $219

Please see our Bike Assembly page for more information!


Backlit Color Display w/app sync

Focus on the road ahead knowing that all the information you need is available right on your handlebars on an easy to read, full color display.

See your speed, pedal assist level, distance and more when biking.


Upright Step-Through Frame

No need to swing that leg over on the Pace 500.2 Step-Through with the low standover height. Combine that with our classic upright frame geometry with a swept-back, cruiser style handlebar and you have one of the most comfortable ebikes ever produced!


Adjustable Stem

Our only ebike to arrive with an adjustable stem, easily fine-tune the angle of the stem to either raise or lower your handlebars and say goodbye to shoulder and wrist pain and hunching forward!


Puncture Resistant Tires

Have peace of mind knowing that puncture resistant tires provide a layer of added protection when out and about, and a reflective material embedded into the tire sidewall will reflect and make you visible when lights are flashed at you during night-time rides.


Integrated Lights

See and be seen in both day and night. Integrated tail lights turn on as you pull the brake levers and the bright, 40 lux headlight will help guide you through low visibility conditions.


Integrated Motor & Battery

Take your Pace 500.2 Step-Through anywhere with confidence! A powerful 500W motor and fast charging.


Pedal Assist and Throttle

Breeze around without the need to pedal when using the throttle function or, if you’re up for pedaling, kick in one of the five different levels of pedal assist to help you get where you are going without breaking a sweat.


Step-through and have fun! The Pace 500 Step-Trough ensures that, even on the steepest hills, your ebike still has the power to get you to the top. All of this is built into an upright frame equipped with a cushy saddle, meaning that you will experience the power in one of the most relaxed and comfortable positions you’ll ever find yourself in on any ebike!