Samedi 29 Game

It Never Stops!

The perfect way to sum up our Samedi 29 Game! The faster the speed, the steeper the slope, the more difficult the terrain, the more it will be in its element thanks to the high performance suspension that glosses over everything! But it also knows how to ride cool ;-{D

To beat the field on an enduro, or simply ride flat out on any beat-up trail, whether you’re climbing or descending!

The Samedi 29 Game comes from our experience and our victories in competition in the hands of our champions (Jérôme, Julien, Kenny, Chris, Thomas, Maxime…)! Designed to beat the field in an enduro special stage, it benefits from the precious feedback of our riders! With specially adapted parts, its 780mm handlebar, its 50mm stem and the KS telescopic seatpost, you have the perfect tool to aim for the podium on your next Enduro or simply enjoy your favourite trail!

The Key to the Game!

The frame is made from hydroformed aluminum 6061 T4, and aeronautical quality T6 and discretely integrates the Bosch battery, whilst optimizing the center of gravity, our expertise for years! The linkage is CNC machined, and the bearings are oversized for optimal stiffness and reliability. For the same reason all the tubes are of variable thickness and reinforced in the zones subject to most force. Its geometry is designed for the best stability in the toughest descents. The progressive suspension kinematics, reduced pedal kickback and incredibly efficient anti-front wheel raise offer 160mm of travel! And to finish it off nicely, the double Tig welds are polished everywhere that it’s possible.

It Sticks like Velcro!

Our years of riding e-bikes and the thousands of kilometers covered have brought us to develop our own rear shock, the now legendary Moustache Magic Grip Control with unique characteristics! Our dynamic rebound control technology enables us to achieve comfort and an exceptional grip in descent with an unrivalled hold on keeping the right angle when climbing. With its 160mm of travel, your Game will be almost as fast climbing as descending 😉 ! Thanks to its two positions, open and “platform”, you can increase control even further in the most extreme climbs.

Unprecedented Performance!

The new FOX 38 fork which equips the range from the Game 6 up is a monster! Its scope for fine-tuning, its sensitivity, the precision and the grip reach levels as yet unseen for a standard build fork. With its new hydraulic technology, it makes the ideal companion for our Magic Grip Control shock to push the limits of grip. These two get on famously!

Before Enjoying the Descent, Enjoy the Climb!

The powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor, the reference for e-bike motors, has evolved again this year with torque up to 85Nm on an even wider range of speeds, in optimized eMTB mode; and the “extended boost” function to overcome roots, steps and rocks even in the most difficult climbs. Compact and lightweight, it stands out from others with its minimal resistance when pedalling, and incredible liveliness and dynamism thanks to its extreme reactivity.

To Overcome Any Obstacle!

There’s nothing like a good pair of 29″ wheels! Our 29″ Moustache rims are made from 6061E aluminum or carbon, and turn around Shimano hubs. They are asymmetric for the best spoke tensioning. They are completed with our prefered Maxxis Assegai, in the WT version, specially designed for wide rims! This means the tire does not twist on the rim and the tread position gives optimised grip….amazing!!!

To Stop the Beast!

Our choice was consistently for the 4 piston Shimano brakes with 203mm discs front and rear. It’s the XT M8120 which take care of controlling the Game 8 and 10 and the new M6120 which trys to hold back the Game 4 and 6. These new brakes offer the build and performance of XT! Incredible ergonomy, power and modulation!

Design & Innovation Award 2021

The Samedi 29 Game 10 won a Design & Innovation Award !
“With the Samedi 29 Game 10, Moustache have created an all-round eMTB with a good-natured character that makes it well suited to riders of all abilities and that isn’t overwhelmed by demanding trails.”
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