Lundi 27

Lundi 27, New Icon!

The Lundi is the very first Moustache bike that we designed. We wanted to make it pretty, comfortable, practical, different and above all easy to use. This new version for season 10 takes all the fundamentals and further improves on them.

Lundi 27 Takes Care of You!

Easy to handle, precise, stable, comfortable and reassuring thanks to its innovative triple cavity frame which now integrates the Bosch Powertube battery. It is ultra stiff laterally to guarantee stability and safety, but it is sufficiently supple to protect you from irregularities on the ground, helped along by its large air volume tires in 27.5×2.4. These tires, now even larger and more comfortable, also ensure you will not get your wheels trapped in tram rails, and have anti-puncture reinforcements.
As soft as you could wish for, the Selle Royal Wave or Hertz saddles will know how to preserve the sensitive parts of your anatomy 😉

The Famous Moustache Handlebar

The Moustache handlebar on our Lundi, that’s so recognisable, is very high-riser. It therefore offers a very safe upright position to give you a full panoramic vision of your surroundings. The cables are integrated and it is possible to fix an adaptor for a basket on it.


« HOP »
The open frame enables very easy step-over on the bike.
« CLOC »
Your compatible panniers or baby carrier is solidly locked on in an instant to the rear luggage rack via the MIK HD system that’s able to carry 27kg!
The Moustache by Ortlieb bag is installed in 3 seconds thanks to the luggage rack equipped with integrated QL3 supports.
The lock below the seat-stays enables you to secure your bike in an instant for a quick errand. And if you need to leave your Lundi 27 for a long period, the optional Axa chain allows you to easily attach it to a fixed point.

And even 2x+ practical

The optional front luggage rack is also equipped with the MIK system. Super practical to fix a second basket in an instant or if the rear rack is occupied with a baby seat. (avoid at night so as to not reduce the efficiency of the front light)


The integrated LED lighting, positioned high up, enables you to see and be seen in every circumstance.

And if you need to stop the machine in an instant, there’s nothing better than the hydraulic Shimano disc brakes, that are powerful and progressive!

Tubular Mud Guards

A Moustache innovation, the exclusive ultra solid Moustache tubular mud-guard, will always look after you, perfectly centered on the wheel to protect you whatever the weather.

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