Bike Assembly and Service Labour Warranty

At E Ride, our top priority is to offer the smoothest experience possible, in both sales and after-sale support, to keep you riding. Part of that experience has always been professionally building every bike we sell, and providing a tune-up and limited warranty within the first 3 months. The added cost of this was reflected in the price of each bike. Now, we’re providing extra flexibility by giving customer’s the choice of building the bike, or having it built professionally with either 1 or 3 months of service labour warranty. There are three options at the time of purchase:

  • In Box for Customer Assembly has no additional cost
  • Bike Assembly, Tuning & 1 Month Service Labour Warranty is $149
  • Bike Assembly, Tuning & 3 Month Service Labour Warranty is $219

Please note, this only applies to our rear-hub motor eBikes and trikes. All of our acoustic (non-electric) and mid-drive motor eBikes include professional assembly, tuning and a 3 month service labour warranty at no additional cost!

We also offer assembly and tuning with a 1 free tune up for electric bikes purchased from other shops, which is $199.

The service labour warranty covers manufacturing defects and any associated shipping and labour, but does not apply to consumable parts such as tires, brake pads, chains, etc. It also does not apply to damage caused by misuse, crashes or other such accidents.