Pick-Up & Delivery Now Available with our New E-Van FORD E-Transit from ORCHARD FORD!

Whether you can’t bring your E bike to our Service Shop, or can’t fit your new E toys in your car, we can help!

Rates start at $45 and are pro-rated according to distance from our shops.

Contact us today! Please call 250 707 1222 to make an arrangement.


As a general rule, we prefer to focus on and sell to our local market. We’re here to serve our community first and foremost, and this ensures that we are accessible to our customers for service and support. With that being said, there are circumstances and bikes we can make exceptions for.

Our policy for shipping is that the bike must first be paid for through EFT. We will take photos of the bike to prove that it’s in brand new condition, and box it up as safely as possible for you. 

Shipping will need to be arranged and paid for on your end, with the courier of your choice (we can offer suggestions). We will have the bike ready for pick-up by whichever company you have chosen, and send it your way.  Feel free to contact us with any further questions.


Did you know you can cut down your purchase into affordable payments? Check our financing option.