Incentives and Rebates

CleanBC E-Bike Rebate Program

Starting June 1st, 2023, CleanBC has made a rebate available to all residents of BC over the age of 19. The rebate amount is dependent on the income you made in 2022, in order to make e-Bikes more affordable and accessible for everyone! See the chart below to see how much you qualify for:

The full list of policies and requirements are available here, but we’ve summarized the key points below:

-Available to all BC residents over the age of 19.

-Must be purchased from an approved retailer, which all of our locations are.

-The purchase price of the bike including discounts, before GST and any accessories must be $2,000 or higher.

-The e-Bike must be street legal, which means a maximum motor power of 500W and motor-assisted speed of 32km/h. All of the bikes we offer fall under this category.

And that’s it! A versatile and accessible program that we are all super excited about. Fill out your application here for approval before purchasing the bike, and feel free to visit any of our locations for more information about this program.

Returns – BC E-Bike Rebate Program

We do not accept returns from customers who participate in the BC E-Bike Rebate Program. We cannot provide you with a cash, debit refund, credit card refund, cash equivalent gift card or merchandise credit. Please make sure your decision to purchase an E-Bike is final.

Exchanges – BC E-Bike Rebate Program

If you are a customer who participated in the BC E-Bike Rebate Program and your E-Bike is in some way defective, it may only be exchanged for another E-Bike of equal value (same cost/price) or higher.

Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive (SUVI) Rebate Program

This is another rebate offering from CleanBC that applies specifically to approved Cargo bikes, which includes a large number from Tern and Riese & Muller, for up to $1700. This rebate is specifically available for business use, and you will need a BC business license to make the most of it. Click here for more information, or talk to any of our staff today.