Cane Creek eeSilk Alloy Suspension Seatpost (27.2mm)



Extend Your Ride

Ride longer, ride farther with the eeSilk premium suspension seatpost. The eeSilk is comparable in weight to traditional rigid performance seatposts while offering 20mm of vertical compliance improving control on rough surfaces and reducing fatigue on long rides.

These posts make great enhancements to endurance road bikes by reducing the chatter transmitted from the surface to the rider and can be tuned to rider weight through a simple elastomer change. #5 elastomer comes pre-installed, other weight elastomers sold separately.

With the Same 20mm of ride-extending compliance as the original, the new eeSilk seatpost is available in carbon and aluminum options, and 27.2mm and 31.6mm seatpost diameters. The eeSilk is 25mm longer than the eeSilk Carbon to accommodate shorter seat tube lengths. Equip with updated stainless steel pivot axles, and stainless steel hardware.  Weighing in at 345g (27.2)


We’ve Got Your Back

The eeSilk Post is based off of our proven parallel linkage technology found in our Thudbuster suspension seatposts, and brings this design to a lighter weight, high-performance road bike seatpost.

Our friends over at recently wrote an article on how whole body vibrations from rough rides can cause back pain, and our parallel linkage technology found in the Thudbuster (and also the lighter weight eeSilk post) could help alleviate pain.


Technical Specifications:

Post: Aluminum

Linkage: Forged and Machined Aluminum Arms

Pivots: Stainless Steel Solid Pins with IGUS Bushings

Elastomers: Five Elastomer Spring Rates Available – #5 Elastomer Comes Pre-Installed

Travel: 20mm

Length: 375mm 

Weight: 345g

Max Rider Weight: 250lbs

Offset: 8mm

Diameter: 27.2mm