Swagman E-SPEC


Pricing is for New In Box, Unbuilt

Please note: each rack has a maximum weight capacity, make sure it is rated for the total weight of the bikes you want to transport. It is the user’s responsibility to correctly handle the rack for the safety of their vehicle and others. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions to get the proper rack for your ebikes!

The E-SPEC is a hitch mounted platform rack that is RV Approved and designed especially to carry heavier ebikes.  It can be used on RVs and Motorhomes (with the provided RV bolt) as well as cars and trucks. It carries one or two bikes weighing up to 80lbs each while installed on regular vehicles, and two bikes weighing up to 70lbs each while installed on an RV Trailer. It fits most frame sizes and shapes and accommodates tires up to 3” wide and wheels that are 20” to 29” in diameter. A locking threaded hitch pin secures the rack to your vehicle while the locking ratchet hooks lock your precious bikes to the rack.

  • Carries up to two bikes with a maximum weight capacity of 80lbs per bike
  • Carries up to two bikes with a max. weight of 70lbs per bike while on RV Trailers
  • Fits tires up to 3” wide (fat bike trays sold separately)
  • Fits wheels 20” to 29” in diameter
  • Locking threaded hitch pin and locking ratchet hooks
  • Fits Class 3, 2” hitch receivers

The E-Spec carries heavy ebikes with ease, safely transporting bikes up to 70 lbs each on the rack.


The E-Spec is RV-approved, meaning you can bring your ebikes on your travel-trailer or motorhome. Never leave your bikes at home during vacation again.


Locking ratchet hooks keep your bikes safe and secure


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