GIO Golf Enclosed Mobility Scooter


Pricing is for New In Box, Unbuilt

Bike Assembly, Tuning & 1 Month Service Labour Warranty is $199

Bike Assembly, Tuning & 3 Month Service Labour Warranty is $219

Please see our BikeAssembly page for more information!


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Need a scooter but miss the comfort and protection from the elements of a car?

Look no further that the Golf from GIO Mobility.  A fully enclosed scooter to help you regain your freedom and not worry about the weather. Ride is style with all the best features of a scooter combined with the style and seclusion of a car cabin. The spacious interior, high weight capacity and behind the driver bench makes, errands, cruising with a pet or giving a friend a ride a breeze.

☕ Getting to and from the coffee shop quick with its 30kph top speed. 💨

♨️ Stay warm and toasty on cool autumn days with the included heater. 🍂

🌙 Get caught out late, stay visible with its exterior lights and turn signals. 🌟

🔊  Connect your phone to the Bluetooth enabled sound system and listen to music or get easy to hear directions from your phone’s GPS. 📍

The Golf, being a recreational mobility scooter, does not require a license, insurance, or registration.* (*Most locations, check locally prior to purchase. Not intended for street use.) Best of all, it does not need gas either! Just plug your battery into the wall, charge it, and go!


  • 60V Battery & 1200W Motor
  • 30km/h top speed – 3 speed settings
  • Travel up to 50 km on a full charge
  • Handlebar Steering
  • Twist type throttle (right hand side)
  • Hand Brake Levers w/ parking brake (right & left sides)
  • Remote fob for key-less start/stop functionality
  • Horn, Reverse Klaxon & Alarm System
  • Backup Camera
  • High visibility LED headlights and turn signals
  • Large tires for better navigating terrain
  • Can be driven in wet conditions* (*Use extra caution and drive to the conditions, avoid larger puddles and avoid getting the internal electronic components wet)
  • Adjustable drivers seat, forward and backwards; backrest is reclining
  • Rear Bench for cargo or passengers (optional rear cushion sold separately)
  • 500lbs load capacity
  • Media Center – Radio, MP3 music & MP4 video player, Bluetooth Speaker
  • Heater & Fan
  • Windshield w/ wiper, roll down side window, hatch open sunroof and rear window
  • Stylish beige interior with faux leather seats