Samedi 27 Weekend

When we like something, we don’t count – especially not kilometers!

Who has not dreamed of getting in the saddle on a Saturday morning and riding up to Sunday evening, without posing a question, without missing a thing, with bags bundled up, and without having to recharge the battery?

Explore the Unknown for a Weekend!

The Weekend, it’s the bike that we like to ride again and again, who wants to go further, higher, to explore the unknown without limit or almost, thanks to its double battery offering a total of 1125Wh. Available with or without equipment; with mudguards, luggage racks, and Supernova ultra powerful lights, so that nothing can stop you, bad conditions or nightfall!

Unknown? Not Exactly!

Let yourself be guided by the connected NYON computer. From the portal or the eBike Connect application, it enables you to easily plan your routes, then adjust the level of assistance in real time depending on the climbing coming up. Amazing! Thanks to it you can even personnalize your riding modes and get data on your performance levels. What incredible functionalities!

Space For 2 Batteries!

For this DualBattery version, we modified the frame by replacing the top tube tube with a new variation, offering the necessary space to house an extra 500Wh! Thanks to this modification and the optimization of the center of gravity and the steering angle, the feeling is both dynamic and precise, even with an extra battery!

A Real E-MTB

The chassis is optimized to offer 120mm of travel on the rear and 130 on the front. It’s our own Magic Grip Control shock that is in charge of smoothing the terrain and keeping your wheels on the ground! Grip, comfort and preventing unwanted front wheel lift, that’s its domain! The new RockShox 35 Silver fork, as well as an exemplary performance, now offers the possibility to fix an encircling mud-guard, for maximum protection.

It’s a Game of Parts

What pleasure to stay dry during a ride! The mud guards and luggage racks in the EQ version work together to keep you and your things dry thanks to our waterproof panniers (an extra option). Easy to mount and dismount with a simple click, thanks to the QL3 system. The platform is also MIK HD compatible in order to charge your mule even further and leave for adventure.

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