Samedi 27 X Road

Samedi 27 X Road is the bike that

 can do it all!

This morning I’m going to bike to work. At lunchtime I’ll use it to do some shopping. This evening I’ll ride home via the forest, and this weekend it’s a ride in the mountains! Yes, yes, all that with my Samedi 27 Xroad! Magic!

Thanks to its dynamic frame and choice of parts, it combines the capabilities of an urban bike and a MTB.

At the Crossroads

With the optimized geometry, the compact frame and lowered center of gravity, our Samedi 27 Xroad is as at ease in the town as in the country, on cycle paths or on fire roads! The Xroad is the SUV of electric bikes, as versatile as it is high performance, whatever the terrain it’s on! It’s suited to all types of usage, can become more sporty, but always stays practical!

You’ll Find the Right Shoe for Your Foot!

The Xroad family has lots of offerings and various motor options.
On the Xroad 1, the very natural, ecomomic and quiet Active Line Plus. On the Xroad 2 and 3, the Bosch Performance Line, sporty and natural, will surprise you by its absence of friction. On the Xroad 5, 7, the Bosch Performance Line CX is the most powerful in the Bosch range! Compact and light, it is distinguished by its minimal resistance to pedalling.
These uncontestable references will allow you to fly up the hills!

Frame with Exclusive PowerTube Integration

On all Xroad we use a compact frame with full integration of the Bosch PowerTube battery. This concept enables an Open version with an even lower and easier step over design.
The frame conception in triple cavity Aluminium 6061 offers even better stiffness.

The Details That Count!

Equipped with a luggage rack, compatible with the QL3 and MIK standards means you can attach accessories in one click. Fast and easy!!! The full range of the Samedi 27 Xroad also benefits from a chainguard, even the full-suspensions! Mobie forks equipped on Xroad 5 offering incredible comfort. Whether you’re getting up onto the pavement or tackling obstacle after obstacle off-road, it’s a real flying carpet!

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