What Makes Kemen Unique?

Motor – Shimano EP8

With the EP8 motor Kemen has plenty of power for the steepest roads and the heaviest loads. The EP8 motor´s 85NM is more than enough to get you up to speed quickly and whisk you to work without breaking a sweat. The EP8 motor also offers the lowest pedalling friction of any ebike motor, meaning you can even pedal the bike with the motor off.

Range – 5 Hours of Pedalling Assistance

The highly-optimised 540Wh main battery combined with the highly efficient EP8 motor gives enough pedalling assistance for over 5 hours of city riding, even with a fully loaded bike. If you need more you can always add our Range Extender.

Range Extender

Our RS Range Extender battery gives you an additional 252Wh of exploration. Combined with the internal battery that’s an impressive 792Wh. The Range Extender provides instantaneous power, so plug in any time or remove it and leave the extra weight at home. The Range Extender can also be used as a convenient extra battery when it isn’t possible to bring your Kemen to a charging point.


Connect to the Ride

From the discrete power button to the choice of displays, Kemen connects you to the ride.

SC-EM800 Bluetooth Display

This bluetooth display allows you to convert your mobile to a cycle computer and link to Kemen via the Shimano E-Tube Apps.

Shimano E-Tube Apps

Connecting your phone to the SC-EM800 display allows you to use your mobile to display more information about your bike, battery and GPS navigation assistance.

SC-E5003 Display

This simple display offers control of the assistance as well as showing the speed and remaining battery. If you want more connectivity options you can upgrade to a bluetooth display.


All-Terrain Geometry

The geometry of a bike is what makes it stable or nervous, balanced or wobbly, and it is especially important for a bike designed to lug loads. With its robust construction, comfortable, stable position, and predictable steering Kemen is a dependable companion for every situation.

Top Bar

The standard top bar frame offers maximum frame stiffness for rougher roads and heavier loads.


The optional step through frame makes life a lot easier with a fully loaded bike.

Dropper Post Compatible

Kemen is fully compatible with internally routed dropper posts which make getting on and off easier than ever, especially when you are fully loaded. A choice of droppers come as standard on some models and as options across the range.

100mm MTB Forks

100mm mountain bike forks give space for mudguards, bigger tyres and plenty of suspension for when the road turns rough.


Innovative Solutions

Kemen brings with it many cutting edge technologies aimed at simplifying the design and removing unnecessary weight. Integrated batteries remove weight and allow us to use slimmer, better looking designs. Fully internal cables limit the possibility of damage, or rubbing but also remove clutter, leaving you to focus on the ride.

Fully Internal Cables

Kemen takes a fresh look at e-bike design, always looking for innovative ways to integrate systems and remove unnecessary clutter. Our internal cable system routes all brake, light, gear and motor control cables inside the handlebar and frame, keeping them safe from damage and integrating them in the sleek design.

Integrated Battery

Our integrated battery simplifies the mounting and locking systems, greatly reducing weight and size as well as increasing the stiffness of the frame. We believe that lighter, slimmer, more natural looking ebikes are the future.

Smart Charger

Our Smart Charger constantly monitors the battery, giving a fast, safe charge, as well as increasing the battery lifetime.


Orbea Hydroformed Aluminum

We manipulate the shapes and wall-thickness of our aluminum tubing to increase strength and resistance to unwanted flex. Many of the tubes are butted to save weight in the middle of the tubes, away from the stress of the joints and the weld zones. Using aluminum technologies as advanced as our carbon manufacturing ensures our aluminum bikes are never second-best.

High Polish Alloy

The biggest news for alloy is the addition of a new high-polished welds hydroformed frame. The aluminum frame receives the same level of design attention as our carbon frames – The tubes are butted and hydroformed with smooth, polished welds to match the dramatic look of a monocoque frame.

In addition to the aesthetic improvement, there is also an important functional advantage to working and smoothing the welds since these junctions are the highest stress points of the frame. The extra time associated with producing these frames means that only our most exclusive hydroformed frames are manufactured this way. Hours of additional hand work and bead blasting ensure a premium product that looks and performs like no other.

Optimized Motor Housing

The shape and structure of the motor housing is carefully designed to improve the frame aesthetics and stiffness and together with the integrated protector offer extra protection to the motor.

Lifetime Warranty

We have total confidence in our products and our tireless efforts to ensure that Orbea bicycles are of the highest quality enable us to offer you the Orbea Lifetime Warranty.

Accessories – Design Your Adventure

The best tools are ones you use daily – the perfect bike is one that fits seamlessly with your many needs. Choose your Kemen and start your adventure here.

All Kemen Models


The neat mounts for kickstands simplify mounting without interfering with pedalling and are strong enough to support a fully laden Kemen SUV.

Integrated Lights

Integrated head and tail lamps announce your presence day and night while additional high powered STVZO approved lights allow you to switch between high and super high beams without taking your hands from the handlebars. An integrated rear super bright alert light tells people behind you when you are braking. Fully integrated lighting is just one more feature to enhance your ride and keep you safe.


The new Shimano linkglide drivetrain works perfectly with the electric motor, offering smoother shifting and longer lifespan while removing gears that aren’t necessary with the electric motor removes weight and complexity.

Trailer / Follow Me Ready

Fully compatible with the rear axles used by follow me or tow along baby carriages.

Kemen and Kemen SUV share many things but each model comes with carefully chosen accessories to enhance the ride.


Kemen – 2.25″ – Slicker tires maximise grip and speed on even the roughest city streets.

Kemen SUV – 2.35″ – The more aggressive tread prioritises off road performance and grip.


Kemen – Urban Rack – Stylishly designed to follow the lines of the frame, the Urban Rack is sturdy enough to carry up to 18kg. Fit our OC Dual Bag, or any compatible luggage and let Kerem do the heavy hauling so you don’t need to.

Kemen SUV – SUV Rack – Kemen SUV includes a sturdy rack which fixes on the frame and dropouts, rated for up to 27kg. Mount our OC Dual Bag, a child seat or any MIK HD and Ortlieb QL3.1 compatible luggage and let Kemen SUV do the heavy hauling so you don’t need to.


Kemen – Urban Fender – Full length fenders ensure that you reach your destination clean and dry.

Kemen – SUV Fender – Shorter wider fenders with a custom shape maximise protection off road.

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