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Rise is a machine designed to expand your trail experience and bring you closer to the moment. Rise brings you nearer the sensation that less “e” delivers more “bike”. Whether you crave riding greater distances, reaching more epic locations, improving efficiency or increasing the frequency of your adventures, Rise beyond expectations and discover the new standard in MTB. An ebike designed specifically for the trail rider.

Minimalist, integrated and sleek with no bulky components to take you out of the moment, bringing you closer to the trails and the ride.

Rider Synergy (RS) Concept

A new riding experience that enhances the joy of traditional trail riding with smooth support that feels as natural and alive as your own body. RS is a new philosophy – a completely integrated system that becomes a reality when Power, Range, Interface and Weight are considered together.

RS Power

The idea of creating our own power plant for Rise was daunting, but we believed that this would be the only way to realize our goal of a complete RS system for trail bikes. We had been looking for the best way to achieve this for a long time, so when Shimano shared the plans for their new EP8 motor, we quickly realized that this awesome drive unit offered us the perfect platform on which to build the RS Power concept. Our dream of a “rider first”, highly responsive and super-efficient system had become a reality. Working jointly with Shimano, Orbea developed our proprietary electronics and batteries while Shimano configured their EP8 motor to work perfectly running our specific RS firmware.


Power is only as useful as the manner in which it is applied. The EP8 RS power band feels alive, smooth and responsive, echoing your input and cadence. Our custom electronics are tuned so that the peak power delivery come at rider cadences of 75-95 rpm – no coincidence, as this range happens to be where experienced riders produce the most power and efficiency. This way we optimise human and bike interaction and enhance natural riding.

The harder you pedal, the more assistance Rise provides, and full power comes when you’re also doing your best. It’s instantaneous and extremely sensitive to your output, producing an amazingly natural feeling that encourages you to pedal. And being one of the quietest motors on the market provides a totally unique feel.


As we are all different riders and we have different needs, Rise comes with two preset RS Power profiles. Both profiles can be fine-tuned in seconds to your personal liking, using the Shimano E-tube mobile app. Profile 1 delivers a more subtle support feel, maximizing range and natural riding experience. Profile 2 is tuned for slightly more assistance within the RS Power parameters.

RS Range

Rise is intended for big rides. 8 hours and over 4,000m of climbing in Eco mode. It features a modular battery solution that provides up to 612wh, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated in the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender. The RS concept provides a great day on the trails because the lighter bike, lower power consumption and of course, the pedal-friendly weight and assistance extends battery life by a factor of over 1.5x. This means the 360Wh RS Battery of Rise delivers ride times and ranges similar to a 540Wh battery in a typical eBike.

Main Battery

The 2.2kg main battery might be one of the lightest and slimmest examples out there – housed in a strong and reliable alloy case, this energy bank is based on the newest 21700 cell that provides a higher rate of charge/discharge and ultimately much better battery life and heat management.

Range Extender

Our RS Range Extender gives you an additional 252Wh (70%) of exploration. Adding the RS Range Extender gives ride times comparable to a 900Wh battery on a regular ebike. The range extender cage is also compatible with standard water bottles, so you can optimize the battery/hydration configuration of every ride.

RS Interface

Sleek and expandable. The elegance of simplicity is undeniable. Many riders spend hours removing excess weight, noise and visual distractions from their bikes.

We have embraced data collection with cycling computers and smartphones but often stop short of attaching large displays on our handlebars or top tubes.

With a traditional ebike, displays, sensors, extra wires and large glowing buttons are standard and unavoidable. For us, the option of a traditional, uncluttered machine is a critical aspect of the RS philosophy.

 Switch & EW-EN100

The RS Interface is sleek, but doesn’t lack expandability. The simplest configuration consists of a discreet rocker switch near the left brake lever to control assistance level and a small, inline junction box with two tiny LEDs that provides support mode info and smartly broadcasts wireless data.

RS Garmin IQ

We benefit from the classic GPS and cycle computer data. We have developed a unique tool that adapts the Garmin IQ ecosystem to our RS e-bike platform, so that we can have all the data we could wish for, in our favourite cycle computer or smartwatch.

Available Features:

  • Support Mode
  • Assist Level
  • Cadence
  • Range
  • Speed

All this recorded riding info is stored within the Garmin IQ interface for further study, sharing with friends or just for reference months later to see how much battery was used in that epic ride you want to repeat. Please don’t expect this tool to work on any other bike as this will only work for Rise lucky owners.

One Button & Clean Clip

The power button is tucked away by the bottom bracket, and all wires are routed internally. The same with the charging port on the side of the seat tube – protected by a tough water and dirt proof cover, it has an integrated Clean Clip feature that holds plugs tightly when using the RS Range Extender or just sealing the connectors when closed.

RS Weight

The RS Motor, Battery and Electronics are lighter than other eBike systems by over half. Rise can weight as little as 16.5 kg or 36.3lbs. The beauty of the RS system is that assistance torque and power is provided within a range where normal, high-quality trail bike components can be used. Manuals, quick direction changes and playful handling characteristics are not normally associated with eBikes, but the sporty Rise takes a big chunk out of that “conventional wisdom” and the result feels quite a bit like your favorite trail rig.


OMR Frame

Orbea Monocoque Race (OMR) fames add high modulus and high strength fibers to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios. Bladder molding with EPS forms and PU headtube and bottom bracket inserts stop wrinkling and unconformities in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be used while maintaining strength. Rise shares the same super-light construction techniques used with Occam and Rallon, resulting in one of the lightest eMTB frames available.

Alloy e*Thirteen 32T Chainring

Without the need for an overbuilt steel chainring we’ve developed an exclusive alloy forged and CNC-finished 32T chainring that fits the EP8 RS spider for weight savings but more importantly perfect gearing.

Maxxis EXO+ Rekon Maxx Terra

We worked directly with Maxxis to create an EXO+ version of one of our favorite Trail tires – the Rekon 2.4 3C Maxx Terra EXO+ is an Orbea exclusive.

Trail Geometry

Capable of handling the widest variety of terrain without making big compromises in any aspect of performance. Rise rules the zone between long-travel enduro territory and skinny-tire XC efficiency that most of us encounter every day.

– 29″ Wheels
-140mm / 150mm Fork Travel
-140mm Rear Travel

Trail Balanced Suspension & Concentric Boost 2

The support provided by the progressive rate along with the anti-squat characteristics of the main pivot placement mean Rise is an efficient pedaler that won’t sap your energy in sustained efforts.

A high starting leverage rate gives a plush and active feel combined with terrific traction. A progressive curve controls the bike in full-travel situations – the inevitable big hits that come along with pointing a capable bike down a rocky trail.

Lighter and Simpler

Saves the weight of complex yokes and additional pivot axles and hardware.

Easy Hanger Removal

Allows the derailleur hanger to be replaced by hand in seconds.


Moving the pivot to the rear axle and using the rear thru axle and rear hub creates a very solid interface.


There is a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, as well as 3 months of free service at Kelowna E Ride, the Okanagan’s original and best electric bike shop!

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