What Makes Alma Unique?



The large majority of torsional and lateral loads are handled by the lower spine of the frame. The headtube, downtube and chainstays resist twisting and transmit power to the rear wheel. There is no doubt about it, resistance to flex in the bottom of the frame translates directly to more watts to the wheel and a sensation that power transfer is instantaneous.


Studying the way the frame behaves under a rider’s weight is critical to tuning the way vibrations are transmitted through the upper structure of the frame. The seat stays of the new alma are thinner, the cross-sections and diameters reduced to provide graceful support for the seat tube and nothing more.

The top tube is robust at the head tube where it contributes to torsional stiffness, but quickly tapers to eliminate unnecessary material. The natural flex patterns created by the carbon layup and minimal bulk of the top tube and seat stays deliver a dynamic, smooth ride that feels like floating over rough terrain. The sensation is subtle – but it is noticeable and can be tested. And at the end of a grueling ride it could make the difference between the podium and the consolation prize.

Flat Mount

The lowest profile brake mount provides the cleanest, stiffest and lightest caliper integration available.


Internal cable routing is carefully guided along the best path with no rub or rattle, and is optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems.

OC Cockpit

The Orbea xc family sports an all-new integrated look with a completely unique OC headset/spacer/stem design. The system includes an optional computer mount that is compatible with all major brands using standard adapters. OC component collaboration is a detail that completes the high-end feel of our modern XC bikes.

Blocklock Headset

The Acros blocklock 164º steering limiter system prevents frame damage due to handlebar or fork impacts. We’ve worked closely with Acros to reduce stack height and improve cockpit integration with our Alma monocoque models.

Chain Security

With modern 1x drivetrains, dropping a chain is largely a thing of the past. Alma’s chain security system offers you the added peace of mind knowing your chain is never going to end up around your bottom bracket shell, or you can remove the guide with no weight penalty of alloy insert frame mounts.

Spirit Fork

Spirit may seem esoteric – we’re sure that the number crunchers will tell us it’s a risk. But for us, spirit and alma go hand in hand. Spirit is an essential part of what makes alma the best XC hardtail system available.

A rigid fork isn’t for everyone, but it might be perfect for you and that’s enough for us – in these cases a carbon fork tuned specifically for your alma isn’t just “nice,” it becomes essential. The spirit fork is compatible with just about any tapered headtube hardtail and is available through the myo program… so pick any of a dozen colors in hundreds of color combinations to match your trusty rig.

Weight – 500g including parts

Full Internal or External Brake Routing

Post Mount – 160 mm

Unique Rubber Fork End Protection

Boost Compatibility – 15x110mm

Replicates Suspension Fork at 20% Sag – 501mm A-C Height


Orbea World Cup Geometry

Alma’s world cup geometry is born from years of designing world-class XC bikes. The position is aggressive, comfortable and fast. Unlike trail geometry that sacrifices some precision for endurance, XC geometry is precise and intuitive for maximum power transfer. Angles and dimensions are considered carefully across a range of sizes, maximizing power by increasing efficiency.

Head Angle – 68º

Seat Angle – 74.5º

Reach – 426mm (Medium)

Sizing Options

Alma is available in S, M, L and XL so you are sure to find your perfect fit.


Orbea Monocoque Carbon

830g (Medium)

We use the most technologically advanced carbon construction available to make the most sophisticated frame possible – a complex and painstaking process with results you will appreciate in the saddle.

The Pinnacle of Carbon Manufacturing

When the constant hunt for improvement in our carbon manufacturing yields results that barely resemble those from a few short years ago, it’s time to change the way we talk about carbon. With the introduction of OMX we are showing riders everywhere the direction of our lightest and stiffest performance racing frames. We don’t claim that OMX is a secret-sauce, it’s more straightforward than that – OMX is the pinnacle of carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing.

OMR Carbon

1100g (Medium)

Omr frames add high modulus and high strength fibers to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios. Bladder molding with eps forms and pu headtube and bottom bracket inserts stop wrinkling and unconformities in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be used while maintaining strength.

Hydroformed Aluminum Frame

1650g (Medium)

We manipulate the shapes and wall-thickness of our aluminum tubing to increase strength and resistance to unwanted flex. Many of the tubes are butted to save weight in the middle of the tubes, away from the stress of the joints and the weld zones. Using aluminum technologies as advanced as our carbon manufacturing ensures our aluminum bikes are never second-best.

Lifetime Warranty

We have total confidence in our products and our tireless efforts to ensure that orbea bicycles are of the highest quality enable us to offer you the orbea lifetime warranty.


OC XC Team

Total Weight: 1530g

Some carbon rims take design inspiration from whales and the aerodynamic skin of golf balls. Others claim to have an exotic military ballistic layer or engineering from the world of supercross.

Well we’ve made wheels too – they’re top quality OMR carbon with industry-leading DT hubs and superlight Sapim J-bend spokes.

Check out the new OC wheels on our line of 2022 XC bikes. Our sales department would love if we had developed a secret wheel technology from satellites, but they’re just light and fast.

Orbea Lifetime Warranty and Keep on Rolling Program

Our continuous and daily efforts to deliver the highest quality products allows us to offer extra complementary coverage to the legal warranty through our keep on rolling program.

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More Details

Tire Clearance

Even the most weight-conscious XC riders appreciate the increased traction, comfort, durability and speed offered by wider tires.

UDH Hanger

A universal derailleur hanger will eventually make finding a replacement a snap, as more and more bikes adopt this simple technology.


The wide press-fit shell ensures optimal stiffness and larger bearings with better seals offer increased durability, reduced maintenance and friction.

Race Dropper

A 27.2mm OC 2 dropper post brings added control and comfort to the racing hardtail.

Alma Model Comparison

OMX carbon joins OMR and hydroformed aluminum to offer many models across a large price spread. At the top-end we find the OMX frame that offers the highest stiffness with lowest frame weight. In the middle of the range we have the OMR frame, and finally the Hydroformed Alma.


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