Do your friends ask if you intend to ride the chairlift when you invite them out for a ‘few’ park laps? Do your top routes frequently involve pushing up and down trails that aren’t on any map? Do your favorite rides begin or end with headlamps, an ice chest and great friends? Does your bike have to do everything well to get you there and back again? If you think you might be this rider, then Occam should be your bike.

What Makes Occam Unique

Occam´s balanced geometry is fast, efficient, and above all fun on a huge variety of trails.

  • SLACKER HEAD ANGLE- Great Stability
  • LOWER BOTTOM BRACKET – Confident Cornering
  • LONGER REACH – Room to Move While Maintaining Balance
  • LONGER WHEELBASE – Stability at High Speeds
  • STEEP SEAT ANGLE – Proper Pedaling Position
  • SIZING OPTIONS – Occam is available in S, M, L and XL so you are sure to find your perfect fit.

Design / Integration

The best materials are applied to innovative designs in the hands of dedicated engineers, making the result truly exceptional.

Some of this happens at a computer or in a testing lab, a lot of it on the road or mountain and during the design process prototypes are passed around, fought over and above all ridden. It’s all crucial for improvement and fundamental to the pride we take in our industry-leading bicycles.

  • INTERNAL CABLE ROUTING – Occam has our latest, fully internal cable routing, using silicon plugs at the frame entry and exit points and clever conduits linking the front and rear triangle so your cables are fully protected.
  • ASYMMETRICAL DESIGN – Instead of using a less-efficient “shock tunnel,” the Occam offsets the shock to the left side of the frame, allowing the right-side support to be more central and more efficiently deal with the suspension forces acting on the front triangle. This solution enables us to tune the stiffness of this high-stress area without adding unnecessary weight.
  • THE ASYMMETRIC/OFFSET DESIGN OFFERS UNIQUE ADVANTAGES BEYOND STIFFNESS AND LOW WEIGHT. – Avoiding an interrupted seat tube gives more space for dropper posts plus improves access to the shock controls. Additionally, the tidy design leaves room for a water bottle with easy left-side access.
  • LINKAGE UPDATE – Occam uses a new two-part linkage design. Fewer pieces mean fewer interfaces, greater rigidity and a lower chance of something working loose. Additionally we have created a space in the axel and filled it with a handy 4 key multi-tool which is held securely in place with magnets. Always have the most-used tools close at hand for quick tweaks.*

*Applies to all Occam models except the Occam H30.


Orbea Monocoque Carbon

We use the most technologically advanced carbon construction available to make the most sophisticated frame possible – A complex and painstaking process with results you will appreciate in the saddle.

  • OMR CARBON – Orbea Monocoque Race (OMR) frames add high modulus and high strength fibers to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios. Bladder molding with EPS forms and PU headtube and bottom bracket inserts stop wrinkling and unconformities in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be used while maintaining strength.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – We have total confidence in our products and our tireless efforts to ensure that Orbea bicycles are of the highest quality enable us to offer you the Orbea Lifetime Warranty.
  • NEXT GENERATION ALUMINIUM FRAMES – We use aluminum manufacturing and material technologies that are every bit as advanced as our carbon processest. High-quality aluminum tubing undergoes processes to align the grain structure before undergoing an advanced hydroforming process giving precision control of the shape and wall thicknesses. These processes increase strength and allow us to fine-tune the rigidity while optimizing frame weights. Many tubes are double or triple-butted, saving weight in the areas away from the stress of the joints and the weld zones.
  • Using aluminum technologies as advanced as our carbon manufacturing ensures our aluminum bikes are never second-best.
  • HIGH POLISH – The biggest news for alloy is the addition of the new high-polished welds on our hydroformed frames. Each weld on the main frame is polished smooth, matching the aesthetics of a monocoque frame but also importantly the action of polishing the welds increases fatigue resistance at these high stress points. High Polish requires hours of hand work and bead blasting so only our most exclusive frames are manufactured this way.


140/150mm Front/Rear Travel

The best modern trail bikes are used for an impressive variety of terrain and need to be adaptable. Occam is designed to work well with 140mm or 150mm front and rear travel and the progressive rear suspension works well with either an air or a coil shock.

Kinematics – Trail Performance

  • LEVERAGE RATIO – A higher average leverage ratio increases the sensitivity of the shock to smaller bumps.
  • PROGRESSIVE – Progressive suspension is supple and active with great traction but ramps up to control the inevitable bigger hits. Occam has a moderately progressive curve, at 22%, giving very capable trail manners with the fun, playful nature Occam riders love.

Other Key Features

  • ADVANCED DYNAMICS – Advanced Dynamics transforms virtual designs into real, highly-refined machines – Bikes for demanding riders that are faster, more fun to ride and far beyond ordinary.
  • DATA COLLECTION – Our large suspension “library” is updated with new designs and data obtained from our suspension partners. This is detailed stuff, not just marketing descriptions of a new damper or spring curve.
  • DESIGN – Our Advanced Dynamics software is used to optimize geometry, linkage and pivot locations to obtain the suspension characteristics we are looking for, depending on how the bike will be used.
  • PROTOTYPING – When we start test-riding prototypes, we are working out tiny details instead of crossing our fingers and hoping the bike will largely perform as we hoped. Starting at 90% means we get closer to perfection.
  • CONCENTRIC BOOST 2 – Our concentric boost suspension system, combined with careful placement of the pivots reduces the impact of braking on suspension performance. The anti-squat characteristics give fantastic pedalling performance and also increase traction at the rear wheel on those tricky climbs. We have updated our successful concentric pivot assembly at the rear axle. The new CB2 has fewer parts and reduces weight.
  • LIGHTER AND SIMPLER – Saves the weight of complex yokes and additional pivot axles and hardware. Pivot axle is also the hub axle, maintenance is incredibly easy.
  • STIFFER – Moving the pivot to the rear axle increases system stiffness and precision.
  • MORE SENSITIVE – Enduro Max Black Oxide bearings give unmatched durability and small bump sensitivity.
  • IMPROVED BRAKING – Rear pivot location decouples braking forces from the swingarm assembly, reducing braking feedback.

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