Oiz is familiar with the hard work it takes to reach summits, leaderboards and podium steps. We don’t need to fabricate a pedigree for this phenomenon – two world championships prove Oiz is a thoroughbred. Oiz and serious cross-country are synonymous, its presence on the World Cup is undeniable. Is the lightest, stiffest and most efficient machine available whether you pin on a number or take it up to the highest peak on your afternoon ride. Oiz has what you need to get there – there is no better weapon to aim for the top.

What Makes Oiz Unique?

Orbea Monocoque Carbon

  • Lightness – Optimized layups and fewer frame pieces reduces weight. Optimum carbon compaction allows us to use less material.
  • Stiffness – Single uniform structures are better optimized to resist deflection. Carbon structures are tuned to deliver maximum stiffness without adding weight.
  • Ride Quality – Running continuous fibers through and around intersections allows fine-tuning of structure for the best blend of comfort and rigidity.
  • Reliability – Eliminating bonded areas increases strength. The lifetime warranty assures your Orbea will be a long-time companion.
  • Full Carbon – Engineering a frame that uses as much carbon as possible of course saves weight, but it also contributes to the sophistication and refinement of each Orbea.


  • In the quest for stiffness and clean lines, we developed the long-fiber injected Fiberlink. The perfect blend of low weight and impressive rig
    idity, Fiberlink integrates seamlessly with the shapes of Oiz and the seat tube.
  • An aluminum version of the link is also available on some models, adding grams but not sacrificing stiffness or looks.


  • OMX – The new OMX frame is lighter, a bit stiffer and more nimble with 5mm shorter stays. If what you’re after is an absolute XC Race experience, OMX will deliver.
  • Hydroformed Aluminum – We manipulate the shapes and wall-thickness of our aluminum tubing to increase strength and resistance to unwanted flex. Many of the tubes are butted to save weight in the middle of the tubes, away from the stress of the joints and the weld zones. Using aluminum technologies as advanced as our carbon manufacturing ensures our aluminum bikes are never second-best.
  • High Polish – Because they share the name Oiz, the aluminum frames receive the same level of design attention as the carbon – The tubes are butted and hydroformed with smooth, polished welds to match the dramatic look of the monocoque frame. In addition to the aesthetic improvement, there is also an important functional advantage to working and smoothing the welds since these junctions are the highest stress points of the frame. The extra time associated with producing these frames means that only our most exclusive Oiz and Occam hydroformed frames are manufactured this way. Hours of additional hand work and bead blasting ensure a premium product that looks and performs like no other.

Design Integration

  • Flat Mount – The lowest profile brake mount provides the cleanest, stiffest and lightest caliper integration available.
  • ICR – Internal Cable Routing is carefully guided along the best path with no rub or rattle, and is optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems.
  • Chain Security – Even a perfectly adjusted derailleur can drop a chain over rough terrain or during a wheel change. With Chain Security, you’ll have the added peace of mind knowing your chain isn’t going to end up around your bottom bracket shell.
  • OC Cockpit – The Orbea XC Family sports an all-new integrated look with a completely unique OC headset/spacer/stem design. The system includes an optional computer mount that is compatible with all major brands using standard adapters. OC component collaboration is a detail that completes the high-end feel of our modern XC bikes.
  • Squidlock – A three-position suspension lockout lever that is compact, lightweight and integrates a dropper post control in the bar clamp for the cleanest cockpit available.
  • Inside Line – It’s the quickest way around the competition – and the optimal route for control cables racing to your fingertips. The proprietary rear shock lockout is completely invisible, hiding from mud and staying out of your way as you grab a water bottle. Controls are accessible and easy to use, creating the smoothest and sexiest shock mounting on the market. It’s a small detail, but when your bike is optimized, customized and weaponized, obsession over details can’t be trivialized.
  • Two Bottles – One of the simplest features of of the new Oiz was one of the most complex to accomplish – the MD, LG and XL frames are all equipped with two bottle mounts inside the front triangle. The additional room made available by the Inside Line cable routing puts extra water at your fingertips instead of in your pocket or on your back.

XC Suspensions

XC Performance – XC suspension is different from that of a trail bike. Racers want suspension that is virtually unnoticed until it is needed, and no energy should be wasted when the trail turns upward. But balancing efficiency with control is a difficult task. Riders will frequently inflate their rear shock until there is very little sag for excellent support under power, but they still need a design that soaks up rough terrain and allows full travel when needed. The Advanced Dynamics suspension of the 100mm Oiz XC and 120mm Oiz TR delivers on both fronts.

UFO – With this innovation, we do away with the pivot near the rear axle to make a lighter, simpler bike that requires less maintenance. UFO bikes are laterally stiffer for precision and acceleration like you’ve never felt in a full suspension bike. The secret lies in the shape and materials. When properly handled, carbon can bend for millions of cycles. We placed the fibers and shaped the seatstays in such a way that they are allowed to flex without deformation approaching a critical point. This technology, which has been long in use in F1 cars, delivers unrivaled weight-stiffness balance.

New Pattern Options



Titan Gold

Matte / Gloss

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