Terra is designed for the widest range of uses and can be configured to handle the way you want on the terrain you ride the most.

What Makes Terra Unique?


Terra is adaptable and ready to go.

Clever integration and features adapt to your needs, and the extremely rideable gravel geometry is comfortable and precise no matter where you go. The definition of Gravel riding may change by city, state or country, but Terra is adaptable and ready to go.

Tire Clearance

Multiple wheel and tire options allow Terra to go where regular road bikes can’t, easily handling tricky terrain and greatly expanding the ground you can cover. Terra can be mounted with 700x45c tires for speed and efficiency on dirt roads, or with 650×2.1 treads for extreme durability and high-volume comfort if you need a bit more traction.

Drivetrain Compatibility

Designing our frame from the ground up gave us the opportunity to tackle a problem which exist in many gravel frames. Namely giving a range of drivetrain options without compromising tire clearance. Using asymmetrical chainstays allows terra to use any 1x chainring size (available up to 44T) or any 2x chainring combination (available up to 34T inner chainring).


Comfort and control in a variety of circumstances.

Angles and dimensions are considered carefully across a range of sizes to maximize rider comfort. Careful tuning of frame rigidity allows Terra to adapt to rough surfaces without losing its composure or draining your energy. Terra is ready to take you where the trail leads.

Seat Tube

Using a shorter seat tube, with a slightly more relaxed angle, allows the 27.2mm seat post to flex more. Additionally, Terra has material removed from the seat tube near the bottom bracket to carefully tune the rigidity. Both these design features optimize vibration absorption and vertical compliance.


New gravel specific geometry.

Gravel can mean many different things – but riding super fast sections or tricky trails needs to be easy.

Gravel from the ground up means more FUN in all terrain!
  • Optimized chainstay length, long enough for a smoother ride and short enough to be nimble.
  • Longer top tube combined with shorter stem for precision handling off-road.
  • Optimized head angle and tuned trail for each frame size give great stability and precision.
  • Lower BB for confident descending on rough surfaces.
  • Longer wheelbase for stability and comfort.
  • The widest range of available sizes!

Terra Fork

The Terra fork uses a robust crown, rounded blade profile and longer fork legs plus our best OMR carbon monocoque construction to offer the best combination of comfort, tire clearance and torsional stiffness.

  • Longer legs for absorption & bump compliance
  • Stiff crown for rigidity & precise tracking
  • Fits 50c tires with 5mm clearance each side
  • Full ICR internal brake hose routing

Multi-Mounting System

Terra comes equipped with mounting points for fenders and three water bottles. Our Carbon frame offers a storage area inside the downtube, hidden behind the water bottle cage, where there is space for the tube, pump or CO2 cartridge, as well as a selection of tools. Everything is easy to get and securely stored with space for a snack, or your car keys.


Terra offers more control on dirt and increases stamina.

Increased stack and reach put the rider in the optimum position for control and comfort on longer or more challenging rides. The OC Gravel Handlebar is a simple and elegant ergonomic solution that elevates the tops and drops of the traditional road bar, so your neck and shoulders can relax a bit more, focusing on a better ride ahead. Increase endurance with a position that enhances comfort. Flared drop bars give more control when descending as well as more leverage for those difficult climbs.

Materials & Design

Orbea Monocoque Carbon

We use the most technologically advanced carbon construction available to make the most sophisticated frame possible – A complex and painstaking process with results you will appreciate in the saddle. All Terra models offer Orbea´s MyO component options. Switching a wheelset, gearing or other components is possible through the ordering process, so your Terra arrives at the dealer in the exact configuration you desire. With Terra we offer the full MyO program has allowed riders to personalize their Orbeas to an extent that is unique in the industry. Customize the paint of your Terra for free. Say “NO” to the standard Bike In A Box offered by our competitors.




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