GIO TITAN Long Range Mobility Scooter


Pricing is for New In Box, Unbuilt

Bike Assembly, Tuning & 1 Month Service Labour Warranty is $199

Bike Assembly, Tuning & 3 Month Service Labour Warranty is $249

Please see our Bike Assembly page for more information!

The Titan from GIO Mobility is designed to make transportation easier for people that need a little extra help to get around.

GIO Titan has all the necessary features to make your ride as smooth as possible.

GIO Titan includes:

⭐️ The extra-wide and comfortable cushioned seat which is fully adjustable for front/rear position and can accommodate any size of an adult.

⭐️ Liftable armrests for easy access.

⭐️ 3-wheel operation , with a wheelie bar to prevent tipping backward for extra stability and safety.

⭐️ Rear basket and a storage compartment underneath your seat, to make your grocery shopping easy.

⭐️ Equipped with stop lights and turn signals. So you are fully visible when crossing the street or driving on the side of the road.

⭐️ Equipped with rear view mirrors so you can check your surroundings at any time!