Aventon Pace 500.2 Ebike


Pricing is for New In Box, Unbuilt

Bike Assembly, Tuning & 1 Month Service Labour Warranty is $149

Bike Assembly, Tuning & 3 Month Service Labour Warranty is $219

Please see our BikeAssembly page for more information!



Backlit Color Display w/app sync

Monitoring your speed, range, pedal assist level, distance and so much more is simple with the full-color display. You can also charge your smartphone with its USB port.


Upright Cruiser Frame

The relaxed, upright cruiser frame and swept-back, cruiser style handlebar promotes great riding posture, while extra cushy saddle gives the ultimate level of comfort and ride-ability.


Adjustable Stem

Adjusting the angle of the steam allows you to raise or lower the handlebars to find your most comfortable upright riding position!


Integrated Lights

See & be seen in both day & night. Integrated tail lights turn on as you pull the brake levers and the bright, 40 lux headlight will help guide you through low visibility conditions.


Integrated Motor & Battery

Cruise farther and faster than ever before with a powerful 500W rear-hub motor, and coupled with a fast charging, fully integrated 48V battery!


Pedal Assist & Throttle

Using lower levels of pedal assist will give you a workout while higher levels will help you get the top of that hill with ease! And if you’re not looking to pedal at all, let the throttle do all the work.




The Pace 500 ebike provides the rider with ultimate balance of comfort and power. Luckily, a large battery with fast charge capabilities, 3-4 hours until full, means that you can get back in the saddle in no time. A powerful motor gives you the ability to get where you’re going faster than you expected, and five levels of pedal assist plus a throttle function mean that you can expend as little or as much energy as you like whilst doing so.